We worry, so you don’t have to

Why worry when one of our team of expert worriers can do the worrying for you? Our team of worriers has plenty of experience worrying, so whatever you’re worried about, they’ll lift the weight from your shoulders.

Climate change

Don’t worry about the future of the planet, however bad it looks. Stop worrying about greenhouse gasses, melting icecaps, or rising sea levels. Don’t worry about the cost of fuel, or about Swedish teenagers making you look bad.

Only £2.99 One month. Non-recurring


Don’t worry about putting a few extra pounds during the pandemic. Stop worrying about your dress bulging or your pants stretching. Don’t worry about eating a cake, downing a pint, or enjoying your comfort food.

Only £2.99 One month. Non-recurring

Getting old

Don’t worry that a few grey hairs is making you look older. Stop worrying that your joints are getting stiff and your belly is flabby. Don’t worry that you look more like your parents than your kids.

Only £2.99 One month. Non-recurring

Job security

Don’t worry that you keep getting passed over for promotion. Stop worrying your company might go out of business or merge with a global conglomerate. Don’t worry you’ve not looked good on Zoom calls with your boss.

Only £2.99 One month. Non-recurring


Don’t worry that your bank account is emptier than a pint glass at closing time. Stop worrying that bills are piled up high enough to rest your feet on. Don’t worry that the only things in your pockets are a ball of fluff and a bus ticket.

Only £2.99 One month. Non-recurring


Don’t worry that your kids have dropped out of school and are selling designer knock-offs at the local market. Stop worrying they spend all their time alone playing video games online. Don’t worry they’ve not called you for a month.

Only £2.99 One month. Non-recurring


Don’t worry that the person you love most spends more time on their hobbies than they do with you. Stop worrying they’ve not popped the big question despite all your hints. Don’t worry you feel less like Meghan and Harry and more like Marge and Homer.

Only £2.99 One month. Non-recurring

What they say

Don’t worry what people say about you on social media. Stop worrying what people think about what you’re wearing when you walk down the street. Don’t worry what your colleagues are saying about you behind your back.

Only £2.99 One month. Non-recurring

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